I’m So Tired

And I don't know what to do. I'm writing this purely because I feel like writing really. I guess these thoughts need to go somewhere. I'm so tired, and I feel so guilty about it. I went back to college to take a higher education course because I wanted to improve my life. I hated,… Continue reading I’m So Tired


Should I Care More About Blogging Numbers?

As we entered 2019, the blogosphere was awash with New Year posts as it is every January. In these posts and on Twitter, bloggers shared with each other their goals for the year. Amongst the desire to get fit and the promises to use less plastic, I noticed a pattern appearing as I scrolled and… Continue reading Should I Care More About Blogging Numbers?

What I Got For Christmas 2018

Hello, it's been a while! Life has been absolute chaos since I last posted in October, although I also have nothing new to report. Just bogged down with work and college and all that jazz. Anywho, life has finally calmed down and I've actually had time to write not just one, but TWO blog posts.… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2018

Life Update: Making Changes

So... I actually have a really good excuse for my lengthy absence this time, honest.I've wanted to write this post for about a month or so, but I've had an awful lot on my plate and I'm only now getting a chance to organise my thoughts and get them down on paper (or rather, type… Continue reading Life Update: Making Changes

What I Bought This Summer

This Summer's been good to us hasn't it? We've had some glorious weather to the point where we didn't mind the rain when it finally arrived, and a really interesting World Cup got everyone rallied behind the England squad, producing a togetherness seldom felt in these trying times.It was also pretty good for me on… Continue reading What I Bought This Summer

Goodbye 28, Hello 29

It's my birthday!Originally I wanted to do a more in depth post than this. I wanted to look back on the year just gone, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that post would be SO boring. After all, my life hasn't really changed much in the past 12 months and… Continue reading Goodbye 28, Hello 29

Shopping For My Name

Sometimes when I fancy window shopping online, it can get real exhausting browsing through EVERYTHING on a brand's website. Most of us know what we like when it comes to our own personal style and, if you're anything like me at least, sifting through tons of clothes and shoes and accessories can become a bit… Continue reading Shopping For My Name

The Lookfantastic x Illamasqua Beauty Box

Ok, ok, I know. This is late. Really fucking late. Almost 5 months late, because I actually purchased this box in March. BUT the box is still available for sale on the LookFantastic website, which means this post is still relevant... right?The box I am talking about is the LookFantastic x Illamasqua Beauty Box which… Continue reading The Lookfantastic x Illamasqua Beauty Box